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Best Reef Dives In The Southern Red Sea. Many of you will have dived some, if not all, of the top three southern Red Sea reefs over your years as a diver. Most people dive the North around Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab or Hurghada. But the Red Sea has so much more to offer which is accessible by safari boat (Liveaboard).

Best of Wrecks – June 2018 Scuba Leeds trips are nothing if not eventful, and the June trip to the Red Sea for Best of Wrecks was another eventful trip. The trip this time we embarked on the Blue O Two “Best of Wrecks” safari on board M/Y Blue Melody, sailing from Hurghada. The Trip […]

Divers Bucket List: The Green Turtle Green turtles are one of my favourite things to encounter on a dive. I have had the privilege of diving with green turtles on a few occasions. These are dives that I will never forget.  The green turtle is inquisitive and usually they appear ‘out of the blue’, swimming […]

Have you ever seen a Spanish Dancer? Why is it called a Spanish Dancer? The Spanish Dancer gets its name from the way that it swims. It uses the wide edges of its mantle (known as the parapodia) to push through the water in an elegant rippling movement making them look like Spanish flamenco dancers. Its appearance The Spanish […]

Slugs. They are not that interesting, but underwater, well they are a completely different matter. They are one of the craziest looking things underwater and are known as Nudibranchs. They are a favourite of many divers and underwater photographers, you have may have heard the term “Nudi” banded about, if so this is what they are […]