Regulator Servicing

All of our regulator servicing is completed in store

Full Regulator Servicing (inc parts) Price
Apeks Regulator Service £89.00
Aqualung Regulator Service £89.00
Cressi Regulator Service £89.00
Dive Rite Regulator Service £89.00
Oceanic Regulator Service £89.00
Hollis Regulator Service £89.00
Atomic Regulator Service £99.00
Poseidon Regulator Service £109.00
Other Regulator Services Price
First & Second Stage Service TBC
First Stage, Second Stage Only & HP Service TBC
First Stage Only TBC
Second Stage Only TBC
Pimp My Regs Price
Add Oxygen Clean £10.00
Add Pool Dive to test gear £10.00
Add Two New Mouthpieces £10.00
Add New Regulator Hose (75cm) £20.00
Add New Regulator Hose (210cm) £30.00
Add New HP Hose (80cm) £30.00
Add Regulator Bag £20.00

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The regulator manufacturers recommend servicing of their equipment every 12 months or as soon as a problem arises with your regulators.

ALL our regulator services are completed with specific manufacture services kits and parts. All our services are completed my manufacturer certified service technicians with experience of servicing hundreds of regulators each year. You can be assured that the utmost care and attention is given to every single regulator that is serviced at Scuba Leeds. Our technician prides himself on his attention to detail.