XS Scuba Stainless Steel Fin Spring Strap

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Spring Size: 8"/20cm
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XS Scuba Stainless Steel Fin Spring Strap

The XS Scuba Stainless Steel Fin Spring Strap attaches to almost any scuba fin. This is a DIR style stainless steel spring with an internal cave line to limit the overstretching of the springs. The spring is covered with a heavy-duty nylon tube webbing.

There are 3 styles of 316 stainless steel buckles included:

  • "Old School" buckles fit Turtle, Power, Frog, Jet, Twin, Jet, Rocket and others
  • "Large Post" buckles fit most of today's modern fins
  • "Small Post" buckles fit Atomic split fins

Available Sizes:

  • 8"/20cm (roughly for an S/M fin)
  • 10"/25cm (roughly for an M/L fin)
  • 12"/30cm (roughly for an XL/XXL fin)

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