XDEEP Stealth Central Weight Pocket


Integrated Weight System: Small (2 x 1.5kg)
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XDEEP Stealth Central Weight Pocket

Unintentionally losing weight and being unable to hold decompression stops can lead to serious injury or worse. In technical diving, the consequences of losing weights far outweighs the potential need to drop them. The XDEEP STEALTH 2.0 Central Weight Pocket design cleverly prevents any accidental losses.

The main band reinforces the side fastening bands, preventing undesired opening of the pocket and accidental release of the weights. The pockets are resistant to contact with the roof of a wreck or cave. They are also easy to visually inspect for integrity pre-dive or during a descent check. Additionally, making adjustments, moving weights and securing the straps can be done quickly, even underwater.

Weight where it's needed

Between the side, rear and trim pocket options offered by the STEALTH 2.0 system you can have virtually any weight placement you prefer. As such, it allows you to establish perfect balance and trim in the water.

The back pocket system, large trim and large droppable pouches can accommodate between 1kg and 30kg of lead. As such, you can carry your weights with ease, exactly where you want them. 


Easy to Balance

You can easily move the central weight pocket up and down your spine as desired to establish the most effective and comfortable placement of weights. This ensures from head to toe you can position weights for ideal balance and efficient flat trim in the water.

If you are not sure that this is what you are after, check out the rest of the XDEEP range.

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