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From the innovative designers at xDeep comes the new Seal SL:01 drysuit. Designed for rugged cave exploration whilst also featuring an anatomical-fit tailor-made cut, and all the quality, craftmanship and special features that you would expect from xDeep. 

To order a suit, first use the Seal online configurator located here: https://creator.sealdrysuits.eu/intro

This creates your order form, which you can then email to us at info@scubaleeds.co.uk. We will then send you an invoice for payment, after which point your suit will be entered into production, and you will receive it after approximately 6-10 weeks. The price is approximately £1400-1900, which will be shown on your order form before committing to purchase, depending on the configuration chosen.

Please note that the measurements do need to be taken correctly. We offer a measuring service, so if you're unsure, please contact us to arrange a time to come down to the dive centre and we can take down all your measurements accurately, and discuss your configuration options over a cup of tea!



Suit type - Trilaminate drysuit, front entry

Main fabric - Nylon-polyester trilaminate with a sealed butyl layer, Ferguson-Polycom fabric 414g/m2

Forearms and knee protection - Cut-proof and abrasion-proof Superfabric 600107

Shoulder and top forearms protection - Cordura 500 dTEX

Stitch sealing - Chloroprene rubber tape with three layers of glue

Pockets - Two 3D pockets located on thighs

Weight - 2.7-2.9 kg depending on the configuration


SEAL SL:01 Features and History

The SEAL SL: 01 exploration drysuit was developed for one simple reason: there was no drysuit on the market to meet the needs of all divers exploring caves and wrecks in remote areas and under extreme conditions.

Unique "Double-Shell Reinforcement" system - instead of using heavy and stiff fabric reinforced with Cordura or Kevlar, xDeep have created the Double-Shell Reinforcement concept. The drysuit is made of a very strong but light and flexible trilaminate material, which greatly improves the freedom of movement. Exposed parts such as the shoulder area, upper forearms, and pocket area have been covered in military-grade 500D Cordura, similar to the material used in the indestructible STEALTH 2.0. Critical areas like the forearm and knee are reinforced with an even stronger material known as Superfabric, a fabric protected by resin that is almost impossible to cut, even with a knife. Unique is that the base layer (trilaminate) and the protective layers (Cordura and Superfabric) are not connected to each other. Since the two layers of material can slide over each other, the drysuit is extremely flexible and offers unprecedented levels of comfort and maneuverability.

A purely technical cut - Traditionally, drysuits have a very simple cut. It simplifies the made-to-measure production process which is convenient for the manufacturer. However, this type of cut is far from optimal for the user. In some areas, there is too much material which can create air pockets, whilst in other parts, there is too much restriction which causes a lack of flexibility. From the very beginning of the Seal SL:01 project, xDeep encouraged their designers to push the limits of what is possible in terms of freedom of movement, with many ideas being inspired by the protection suits used by special forces. As the project developed they not only used the expertise of their designers but also consulted designers who manufacture the apparel used by climbers, and those who design outdoor adventure garments. The shape of the SL:01 makes it more expensive to manufacture, but once you wear the suit you will realize that it fits like no other suit on the market - "like a glove".

Easy entry zipper - Did we mention that SL:01 is influenced by the military suits used by the special forces? One of the critical features of the military drysuit is the ability to put them on in very restricted locations such as inside armored vehicles. XDeep had two goals in mind regarding the zipper; easy entry and avoiding contact with the harness. With the final placement of the zipper, they succeeded in both. The zipper location makes entry and exit from the suit effortless, which extends the zipper life by moving it away from contact with the shoulder straps of the harness. 

3D pockets - The pocket construction has its own story and through the design process, xDeep have refined the pocket position, design, and construction at least seven times. Different configurations and environments vary the requirements to the pocket size and location. Instead of copying the most common position of drysuit pockets, they created several prototypes and tested each in sidemount and backmount configuration, with both two and four cylinders and with the pockets both empty and full. Finally, they adjusted them to provide easy access whilst retaining the streamlined profile of the diver The position is just one aspect, however, with usability and a streamlined profile being equally important. The SL:01 pockets have a 3D construction which makes them flat and streamlined when empty, whilst at the same time being spacious enough to carry all the equipment necessary for exploration.

World's best materials and craftsmanship - Perfect cut and unique features would be nothing without quality. Throughout the design phase, xDeep remained steadfast in terms of the quality benchmark they initially set. They tested many materials, checking each of them both in the laboratory and out in the field, then using them in prototypes to ensure the fabrics match the quality required to complement the design.

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