XDEEP Radical Mask


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XDEEP Radical Mask

The XDEEP Radical Mask is the first mask that XDEEP have ever launched. This is a great addition to the XDEEP range. They didn't just want to resell some OEM masks sold under several brands as most of their competitors do. They rather wanted to have something which was purely designed by them, in a true XDEEP way.

Comparing to the most popular masks on the market, they managed to significantly improve the field of vision in the most important directions. They have also really thought about the nose pocket. It provides more space for the nose and better access when using thick gloves.

And the materials! As with all their other products, they accepted no compromise here. They've chosen the best silicone available, combined it with crystal clear glass and coated with a strong UV filter to protect your eyes on the surface (no-filter version will also be available).

Want to find more products from XDEEP, then check out the rest of the XDEEP collection here.

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