XDEEP Harness and Hardware


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XDEEP Harness and Hardware

The XDEEP Harness and Hardware is suitable for use with both the aluminium and stainless steel XDEEP Backplates.

Stiff webbing

The stiff webbing makes it easier to put the harness on. The harness webbing is made of polyamide, a fabric which is stronger than regular nylon and completely resistant to water, including sea water. Polyamide fabrics are abrasion-resistant materials. Consequently the durability of the diving harness is much higher than those made of less durable materials.

Strong 6mm D-Rings with welded ends

The D-Rings included with the XDEEP Harness and Hardware kit really are top quality. They are made of 6 mm thick stainless steel wire. They also have the ends welded and the smoothly polished.Such strong D-Rings will not deform under any circumstances, even while jumping in the water with stage cylinders attached.

Steel or aluminium backplate

The XDEEP Harness is suitable for both aluminium and stainless steel backplates.

You can decide if you prefer the heavier backplate made of stainless steel, or the lightweight backplate made of anodised aluminium if you travel frequently.

The kit includes full harness and all hardware.


Here at Scuba Lees we are experienced and passionate, not just with regards to harnesses and wing systems, but all things XDEEP! As such, if you do need any help with assembling or adjusting your harness, do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at the shop.

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