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Foot pocket designed with care

While designing the foot part of the XDEEP Fins, also known as the Ex1 fin, XDEEP analysed most popular boots used with drysuits and wetsuits. It provides better control of the fin.

Two-phase moulding for better comfort

The front part of the foot pocket is made of softer material, which is especially important in the medium and stiff version of the fins. The softer material fits better on the upper part of the foot and provides more comfort during extensive swimming.

The same stiffness, no matter of temperature

Instead of using old good rubber which becomes stiff in cold water, XDEEP used a special technopolymer which doesn't change parameters in a wide range of temperatures. Your fin would be exactly the same in hot tropical water and cold winter quarry.

Scuba Leeds offer a full range of XDEEP products. A brand which is renowned for high-quality material and construction that never fails to deliver.

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