XDEEP Camband with Plastic Buckle


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XDEEP Camband with Plastic Buckle

The XDEEP single camband with plastic buckle is ideal for travelling divers, as it is durable, lightweight and provides excellent secure cylinder attachment.

Cambands with plastic buckles provide excellent camming power with very low weight, but do not have the longevity of cambands with metal buckles. XDEEP also offer a camband with steel buckles, which weighs more but does have more longevity. The decision between the two is personal to what each diver requires.

The XDEEP Camband has a high quality plastic buckle and is made using durable 50mm webbing for a good grip of the cylinder. A rubber pad adds further grip to ensure your cylinder doesn't move an inch during your dive.

Main features

  • High quality plastic buckle, perfect for travelling as it is so lightweight. Excellent camming power.
  • 50mm webbing, which goes round the cylinder and offers outstanding grip. It is extremely durable and will withstand years of diving.
  • Rubber grip pad on the webbing, which adds extra grip so that your cylinder does not move during the entirety of the dive

Scuba Leeds offer a full range of XDEEP products. A brand which is renowned for high quality material and construction that never fails to deliver.

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