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XDEEP Buttplate

The XDEEP Buttplate provides a secure way of clipping sidemount cylinders further down the back than a normal harness. A buttplate is useful when using steel cylinders, as they are pulled up higher at the base than if clipped directly to a harness. It is also useful for connecting additional stage tanks, or as a convenient way to carry accessories.

The buttplate is made with a stiffer core to make sure the plate doesn't move around when diving or bend when heavy cylinders are hanging from it. Furthermore, this core is then covered in Cordura to provide excellent abrasion resistance. This will ensure the product looks like new even after years of heavy abuse.

Two eyelets at the top of the plate provide a simple and secure connection to your backplate or sidemount harness. The two stainless steel rails on each edge are easy to locate and attach cylinders to. This very useful especially when diving heavier steel tanks.

XDEEP Buttplate Features

  • High quality materials
  • Super stiff
  • Easy to find rails

Each buttplate includes bolts for connecting to the Stealth Sidemount harness' lower node. The distance between centres of connecting points is approximately 80mm.

For more sidemount gear, check out the rest of the XDEEP dive gear.

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