Worthington 5ltr 300 Bar Air Gun Charging Kit

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Worthington 5ltr 300 Bar Air Gun Charging Kit

Worthington 5ltr 300 Bar Air Gun Charging Kit the ideal choice for shooting enthusiasts that need a compact tank that can be transported easily. The 5 Litre Air Gun Cylinder is fitted with a high-quality Apex valve which features an easy to read gauge to ensure you are filling the gun to the correct pressure. A built-in bleed screw allows you to easily release the pressure within the system once charging is completed.

The valve outlet is a 300 bar DIN fitting which is common in SCUBA diving, allowing it to be filled at most reputable filling stations. A 50cm whip is included which converts the cylinder valve to 1/8" BSP if you require 1/4" BSP you can simply unscrew the whip from the DIN thread converter. The 4-litre air rifle charging cylinder is much squatter than the 3-litre version mean that it is much more stable when free-standing, while still being very compact.

Worthington 5ltr 300 Bar Air Gun Charging Kit features:

  • 5-litre capacity
  • 300 bar working pressure
  • A gauge that reads both PSI and Bar
  • Bleed screw
  • Includes 50cm whip with 1/8" fitting
  • The whip can be converted to 1/4" fitting

We also offer a full range of Air Gun Charging gear that may be of interest.

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