Weezle It’s A Wrap


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Weezle It’s A Wrap

Using similar technology to our Award-winning Undersuits, the Weezle Wrap can be used for keeping warm on the touchline or after watersports and also to get changed into sports gear keep your clothing dry then to dry off from water-based sports afterward.

The Weezle difference is the wicking lining that will dry moisture quickly from the body, which in itself avoids chilling and the cutting edge thermal insulation that punches well above its weight, will actually warm even when it is put on in the cold.

Suitable for many sports where you need to keep warm before or after the action or for changing and storing gear, packing away much smaller than most other garments of its type.

Diving & Snorkelling, Swimming, Football, Rugby, Triathlons and Track Sports.

Check out the full Weezle Undersuits.

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