Weezle Extreme Plus Undersuit


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Weezle Extreme Plus Undersuit

The Weezle Extreme Plus Undersuit has a unisex design and comes in 9 sizes from Extra Small to Extra Extra Large and has a generous cut.

Incorporated into the design are 2 hip pockets and an innovative slashed cuff which removes the need for thumb loops. On the shoulder is a toughened nylon back panel to protect from dry zip damage.

The Extreme Plus is the top of the Weezle range of undersuits, offering exceptional thermal protection, the equivalent of a Compact and an Extreme together, popular with technical divers, Instructors & very cold people in very cold water.

Sizes out of stock can be made to order, please note as with the Extreme Plus boots, this is a Black only option.

Here is how to measure up for your Weezle Undersuit

Here is how to measure up for your Weezle Undersuit

  • Waist: between hip & lower rib
  • Hip: the widest part of the hip/bottom
  • Chest: around the nipple area
  • Torso: from top of sternum (the suprasternal notch) to crutch
  • Arm: for 1 piece suits; measure from wrist bone to where the shoulder seam of a shirt would be on top of arm
  • Arm; for Oxygen Jacket & Hydrogen Jacket; measure under arm.
  • Leg: From crutch to ankle bone
  • Please note the waist of a Weezle is elasticated & measured un-stretched & will have 2-3 inches, 3-4 cms of ‘give’.

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