Waterproof WPAD Wetsuit Pocket

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Waterproof WPAD Wetsuit Pocket

The WPAD Pocket is the new universal pocket that works with all wetsuits and vests fitted with the WPAD System.

The Waterproof WPAD Wetsuit Pocket is a simple, quick and easily fitted pocket that works with all the Waterproof products fitted with the WPAD system. This is an expandable pocket to allow you to carry those essentials scuba diving accessories without them dangling off your BCD or wing.

It WPAD system uses double Velcro solution to securely fix and hold the pocket in position on your wetsuit. The pocket is streamlined and easily accesible during your dive. The Velcro fastening allows you fast attachement and removeal of the pocket, meaning you don't need to be a rocket scientist to attach it. You can even keep your gear in it when fitting and removing the pocket.

The pocket has a zip along the bottom to expand the pocket for extra space if required. There is a small internal d-ring for clipping off accessories for safe storage. The mesh liner at the base of the pocket prevents water from collecting in the pocket for fast draining when out of the water.

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