Waterproof W30 2.5mm Men's Wetsuit

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Waterproof W30 2.5mm Men's Wetsuit 

The Waterproof W30 2.5mm Men's Wetsuit is one of the popular W30 Sport Series wetsuits that features the amazing WPAD™ or Waterproof Personal Accessory dock.

Sometimes we hear that our suits are too warm and excessively well-built. That is the kind of criticism that we are willing to live with. To address the fact that our standard suits are too warm, we have devised a clever solution. We recommend that you buy a thinner suit - preferably the new W30 Sport Series from Waterproof. To keep the professional divers happy, the new W30 2.5 mm full suit features a unique and clever gadget, the WPAD™.

The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right hip to accommodate an expandable pocket.

As a disclaimer we must confess that the new Sport Series, unfortunately, suffers from the same ailments of our standard collection: it looks smart and it is well constructed, the fit is excellent and it is probably too warm and comfortable as well. Unfortunately, we just cannot help but produce our suits this way.

The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right hip for a line of new accessories, like pockets, lamps, or speargun holders.

This suit is a dedicated men's cut wetsuit, Waterproof W30 2.5mm Women's Wetsuit is also available for ladies.

Waterproof W30 2.5mm Men's Wetsuit Features:

  • COLOUR: The main colour of the W30 2.5mm Men's wetsuit is black with turquoise accents.
  • 100% MICROCELL CR NEOPRENE: More expensive but in fact the only neoprene that works for diving.
  • A SEAT THAT GRIPS: Polyurethane embossing in the back provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection.
  • GENDER SPECIFIC STYLING Provides comfortable lift and support for female divers.
  • HI QUALITY ZIPPER: PK zipper with stainless steel slider. Provide consistent ease of operation and hard-core durability.
  • MOULDED VELCRO TAB: A moulded TPU Velcro tabs with Japanese Velcro Plush for maximum hold and good looks.
  • REINFORCED SHOULDERS: Critical area abrasion and antislip protection.
  • RUBBER KNEEPADS: Thick rubber print kneepad reinforcement.
  • WPAD: The WPAD, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right hip for a line of new accessories, like pockets.

NOTE: The WPAD Pocket is an optional extra and does not come as standard with the W30 Wetsuit.

Waterproof Wetsuit Care & Maintenance:

Rinse your suit with fresh water after diving, taking particular care to clean sand and salt from the zipper. When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit and avoid sharp objects. Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap or McNett Wetsuit Shampoo.

Rinse your suit after each dive with freshwater, taking particular care to remove sand and salt from the zipper. Wash your suit occasionally with mild soap. Other cleaning products may only be used if authorised by Waterproof. Dry your suit in the open shade on a hanger, away from direct sunlight.

Do not store your suit for extended periods hanging on narrow hangers, as the suit material may become stressed where it passes over the hanger. Use extra-wide hangers specially designed for wetsuit storage such as the Waterproof Hanger.

Suits should never be stored folded, as it may create permanent creases. Store the suit away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.

Waterproof W30 Options:

At Scuba Leeds, we realise that sometimes it's easier when someone else points you in the right direction for how to best use and care for your scuba diving gear. As such our team have a number of options that many of our customers have often found useful to purchase together.

The Waterproof WPAD Wetsuit Pocket is the new universal pocket that works with all wetsuits and vests fitted with the WPAD System.

The Waterproof Hanger is a specifically designed suit hanger that gives your suit the same level of protection that your suit gives you. The hanger has been developed to offer the lowest amount of strain on the suit while it is drying after scuba diving. The shoulder design ensures that creases are kept to an absolute minimum of protecting your suit.

The McNett Wet & Dry Shampoo (250ml) has been specifically designed to remove "that smell". You know the smell, Drysuit/Wetsuit Funk.

Waterproof Sizing Guide:

This guide is not a made-to-measure service but a guide to help you choose the correct or best size available.

If you are unsure of how to measure yourself, check out this useful Body Measurement Form to ensure you are taking the measurements from the correct area of your body. Click the image below for a full-size body measurement guide.

Waterproof Guide for Measurements

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