Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System

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Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System

The Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System surpasses all other dry glove systems available on the market. Its unique design allows you to use one system for either an Integrated Silicone Seal (ISS) system such as a SiTech ring or directly to a latex seal on your existing drysuit without the need for cutting or glueing.

We have tested a number of different systems over the years, and this performs better than the rest. Waterproof has developed the Ultima system to be multi-functional without lacking in quality for either a fitted or removable system. It performs superbly in even the most extreme conditions. It is easy to mount, dependable, not too bulky, and can fit onto any drysuit.

How to fit a Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System to a latex seal


How to fit a Dry Glove to a Waterproof Ultima Ring

About the Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System

The Ultima Dry Glove Ring System will fit directly on to any drysuit fitted with Integrated Silicone Seals. It can also be mounted to all drysuits with fixed latex seals. The gloves are easy to mount before diving. You can see, hear, and feel when the ring connects properly or when you disconnect it. This system is as close to "foolproof" as it gets!

The Ultima is fitted to a latex seal and mounted with o-rings. One large O-ring is safe and simple. Not sensitive and easy to keep clean. This solution has been tested and will likely outlast your drysuit. The gloves are easy to mount on and off with a distinct sound and feel feedback that can be operated with one hand.

Waterproof ULTIMA Dry Glove Kit components

  • 2 pcs - Suit Rings
  • 2 pcs - Glove Rings
  • 2 pcs - Silicone Covers
  • O-Rings
  • Lubricant
  • A really useful little tool

NOTE: Gloves and silicone seals are NOT included. The dry glove shown in the images is for illustration purposes only.

Check out the Product Sheet for the Waterproof Ultima DGS.

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