Waterproof 3D Mesh Vest

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Waterproof 3D Mesh Vest

The Waterproof 3D Mesh Vest is a new unique Thermo Mesh Vest based on the Patented D1 ISS Hybrid, Waterproof takes one more step to enhance the rock-solid ground as being the overall leader in the Drysuit diving community.

The extraordinary performance Formula WP 3D Mesh Vest features triple layer insulation in front of the torso and spine pad. Including an extra-long back panel covering kidneys and the panels normally squeezed by the weight belt.

The 3D Mesh Vest has two 3mm dual-layer stretch 3D mesh and extra support of 5mm, 70 Denier 3D Mesh from the D1 Hybrid. This gives an 11mm constant volume insulation “air bubble” around the front and back of the entire torso. Furthermore, cool ventilation on the surface and super insulation when submerged. Zipped upfront with a YKK #5 zipper.

Waterproof 3d Mesh Vest Core Features

  • Dual Layers of 3D Mesh.
  • The side and shoulder panels have double layers that are made of soft and stretchy 2 x 3mm 3D Mesh.
  • Comfortable and adjusts to different body shapes.
  • YKK Zipper - High-quality YKK Vislon zipper no 5.
  • Long Tail
  • Men's or women's fit available

Download the 3D Mesh Vest Technical Specifications.


Not sure which size you will fit best into, check out the Waterproof Sizing Guide here. We also offer a full range of Diving Undersuits if this is not the base layer you are looking for.

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