Typhoon 100g Undersuit

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Typhoon 100g Undersuit

The Typhoon 100g Undersuit, the 100g is made from a Ree-Tec outer with a Thinsulate fibre pile inner, this is our most popular undersuit,

Typhoon 100g Undersuit

The Typhoon 100g Undersuit is a mid-weight undersuit. The 100g is made from a Ree-Tec outer with a Thinsulate fibre pile inner, this is our most popular undersuit, the TOG rating of 3 means it is ideal for most UK diving situations. The inner fleece chosen by Typhoon works by drawing (wicking) moisture away from the body to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. This style of undersuit is ideally suited for use with trilaminate drysuits. It can, of course, be used with neoprene drysuits, but the Thinsulate fibres tend to be quite bulky.

One Piece Undersuit

There is much debate about whether one-piece or two-piece undersuits are best for diving. There is no definitive answer. The all in one option ensures that there is no break-in protection on the waist when you move to put fins on, then exposing bare skin to your drysuit. If we have an all in one design, this problem is removed.

Layering Up

The 100g Thinsulate is classed as a mid-weight undersuit, so not ideal for cold to extreme conditions. However, when choosing this undersuit, if sized correctly, it can be layered up with the Typhoon Thermafleece. The Thermafleece provides a comfortable warm base layer or mid-layer worn under the Typhoon 100g undersuit. The performance of the Thermacfleece comes from a combination of Hi-Tec thermal fabrics and super stretch lycra, so it's comfy and warm.

Typhoon Mid-Weight Undersuit Features:

Front zip
Fleece inner wicks moisture away from the body
100g Thinsulate middle gives excellent thermal properties.
Breathable Ree-Tech outer allows moisture to escape
Ree-tech outer is also made from a tough ripstop nylon
TOG rating 3

Not sure the Typhoon 100g Undersuit is going to provide you with enough thermal protection, then check out the rest of our Diving Undersuits.

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