TUSA Plus Corrective Lenses (M28/M40/M212/TM7500)

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TUSA Plus Corrective Lenses

The TUSA Mask Plus Corrective Lenses are ideal if you wear glasses or contact lenses. These correct Spherical Plus values of your optical prescription in the range from +1.0 to +4.5 diopter.

These TUSA Plus Corrective Lenses fit the following masks:

  • TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask (M-212)
  • TUSA Geminus (M-28)
  • TUSA Splendive IV (M-40)
  • TUSA Splendive II (TM7500)

The MC-7500 lens is bi-symmetrical so the same lens can work in the left or the right eye.

NOTE: REMEMBER to add a lens per eye to your basket. 

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