Tusa Freedom Ceos Snorkelling Package

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TUSA Freedom Ceos Snorkelling Package

The TUSA Freedom Ceos Snorkelling Package is ideal for new divers or snorkelers who are looking for something better than average. This package was designed to allow you

The TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask

The TUSA Ceos Freedom is one of the most popular Tusa masks in their vast range. This design is a low volume mask allowing you to clear it with ease if water ingresses. The twin-lens frame design is compatible with TUSA prescription lenses. The new Freedom skirt has a varying thickness of silicone to offer maximum flexibility and comfort while you wear it. The reinforced ridges and flex panels ensure the highest level of fit and comfort. These features are why this mask is consistently one of our most popular masks.

The Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel

The TUSA SP170 Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel is a smart snorkel with a comprehensive wave deflector at the top that keep the waves out and a dry valve at the bottom that pushes out any water that does find it's the way in.  The large trap at the bottom keeps water away from the airway so you can still breathe with water in the snorkel. every time you breathe out the snorkel clears itself by pushing water out the bottom.

The Tusa Solla Fins

The TUSA Solla FF Fins are a full foot version of the popular Solla Diving fin with dual blade material that allows the shape of the blade to change during each phase of the kick cycle making them more efficient. Comfortable and Powerful, the Solla gives you great control in the water and is more effective than a traditional fin.

  • XS - Size 36/37
  • S - Size 38/39
  • M - Size 40/41
  • ML - Size 42/43
  • L - Size 44/45
  • XL - Size 46/47

The Mask Defog

The mask defog is the ideal product to prepare your mask before every dive. This pump spray action bottle mists the defog for simple application without overuse of your defog. The defog will help prevent your mask from fogging up when diving or snorkelling.

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