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TUSA Dry Bag

The TUSA Dry Bag features a roll down closures to help keep your dry gear dry or your car dry with wet stuff inside. Whether you are in rough seas, in heavy rain or even drop the bag into the water, this bag can handle it.

How do I use the TUSA Dry Bag?

To ensure you get the best (by which me driest) results from your TUSA Dry Bag, we would strongly recommend rolling the top over 3 times before clipping the ends together. This will ensure the best seal at the top of the bag, regardless of the conditions.

What is the TUSA Dry Bag made from?

The TUSA Dry Bag is made from a nylon-reinforced PVC. This choice of material was selected for its combination of strength, durability and of course, is completely waterproof.

This bag is the ideal solution for storing your dry stuff, including your surface interval snacks, at the dive site or on a wet boat deck,

TUSA Dry Bag Volume

The bag holds 20L of storage, which means you have enough room for a full set of regular clothes with space to spare. Rather than the round base found on most dry bags the TUSA Drybag is rectangular meaning it’s easier to pack folded clothes neatly into it.

TUSA Dry Bag Features

  • Capacity - A substantial 21.6L capacity provides enough space for a full set of regular clothes with space for any extra possessions like your phone and wallet.
  • Waterproof - Made from durable Nylon-reinforced PVC the Drybag is tough and completely waterproof making it perfect for storing your gear at the dive site.
  • Adjustable Carry Strap - Get a comfortable fit when carrying the bag on your bag with the adjustable strap.
  • Easy Access Opening - The large opening makes getting your possessions in and out as easy as possible. Once your gear is inside, simply roll down and snap the closure into place for a watertight bag.
  • Rectangular Base - The base of the Drybag is rectangular. This makes it easier to place your folded clothes into the bag.

Who is the TUSA Drybag For?

A dry bag is an essential piece of equipment for any diver or snorkeller. If you’re a UK diver the TUSA Drybag is perfect for keeping your regular belongings safe at the dive site. It’s just as useful for keeping your clothes or gear dry when diving from a boat or at the beach. 

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