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UK: Sunday Splash

We run a Sunday Splash on the first or second Sunday of every month and was originally set up as a way to get new divers an opportunity to dive with more experienced divers every month. It has truly become this now.


First or Second Sunday of every month (the name of the event gives it away)

Whether you're just qualified or a salty sea dog wanting to shake down your dive gear, try out some new dive gear, confirm your weighting, practice skills from a recently completed course, or simply want to just get wet. The Sunday Splash is the place to have a couple of fun dives with friendly buddies, with the odd Instructor or Divemaster around to ask advice.

No courses, just fun diving, all levels of experience welcome. Guided dives with a Divemaster are available. Kit hire is also available, check out the options below.


We aim to vary the location every month, however in winter months when the sea is a bit lively, we tend to focus on the inland sites. But do not be fooled we can ensure that there is areas of all these sites that even the most frequent diver may not have visited…. Even at Capernwray. There's a lot more to see than just the training area!

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