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SuexSuex Eron D1

The Suex Suex Eron D1 is the perfect system to compliment your Suex Scooter. The system allows your scooter to communicate wirelessly to the dashboard Suex ERON D1.

Suex Eron D1 Wireless DPV Dashboard:

  • DPV and wrist mounting
  • One touch functions activation
  • Minutes of Residual DPV Burntime at actual speed
  • DPV battery state of charge
  • DPV Instant fuel consumption
  • DPV Speed with Suex Synapsy nose
  • DPV traveled Distance with Suex Synapsy

Suex Eron D1 Underwater Navigation

  • Heading
  • Course
  • Waypoints
  • DPV customized compass settings
  • Advanced 3 axis Accelerometer, Compass and Gyro
  • Proprietary fusion firmware
  • GPS with Suex Synapsy nose

Suex Eron D1 Bottom Timer

  • Depth
  • Max Depth
  • Average Depth
  • Ascent speed
  • Stop Watch
  • Water Temp
  • Editable Notes Pages
  • Logs
  • AA user’s replaceable battery

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