Suex ATHOR Series XJ 7Seven

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Suex ATHOR Series XJ 7Seven

The Suex ATHOR Series XJ 7Seven is rated to 80m with 60 minutes run time. The XJ 7Seven has dual-speed control with HI-GR Compound Proplock propeller and can connect with a Smartphone.

Suex ATHOR Series XJ 7Seven - Dimensions

  • Length mm 720 (inch 28.3)
  • Width mm 340 (inch 12.9)
  • Height mm 425 (inch 16.7)
  • Body diameter mm 200 (inch 7.8)
  • Weight without battery kg 11,50 (lb 24.5)
  • Weight with battery kg 16,50 (lb 35.3)
  • Material type Tecnopolymers/Polycarbonate
  • Max Static thrust N 200 (lb 44.96)
  • Top speed mt/min 65 (ft/min 213)

Suex ATHOR Series XJ 7Seven - Runtime Range

  • Maximum operational depth mt 80 (ft 260)
  • Buoyancy/trim Neutral/Neutral
  • In-water usage temperature °C -5/+35 (°F +23/+95)
  • Nominal Voltage Volt 24
  • Nominal Capacity Wh 360
  • Maximum recharging time h 8
  • Charger power supply Volt 110/220 50/60HZ
  • Top speed mt/min 60 (ft/min 197)

    Battery Gauge

    This sophisticated but simple and reliable unit displays that the MAIN SWITCH is in ON position and remaining power to the batteries. The indicator is in the form of 9 high-intensity blue LEDs in a capsule placed in the rear part of the scooter body. The led capsule is fully watertight and can be easily seen by the diver. When the diver is towing one or more scooters, the onset indicator can be spotted also by the diver's buddy that can fix the situation. Please READ the owner's manual. Using the battery gauge with a NiMH battery only provides basic information that battery is connected and not capacity data!

    Driving Handle

    The driving handle on the Suex XJ 7Seven is an ergonomic, comfortable rubber design that can be adjusted for right or left operation plus in-line position for towing or stowing. The position can be fixed if required by the user. The wrist is in the ideal position and always relaxed, this is the main thing in the long run. The thumb is never used to activate the trigger because the main use of this finger is to provide the proper grip and control.

    Trigger Linkage

    The trigger linkage for the Suex XJ 7Seven has been simplified and now protected from damage or impact inside strut/leg. Linkage has been upgraded to a machined (non-welded) design for added durability and smooth operation. Furthermore, the trigger is larger with an increased surface area for easy operation.

    Other Suex Scootershave also been upgraded, you can check them out with our full range of Diving Scooters here.

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