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UK Diving: St Abbs

St Abbs is one of our favourite UK diving destinations here at Scuba Leeds. This is a beautiful part of the world, with stunning underwater fauna and scenery. And we still have a couple of spaces on this trip. St Abbs and Eyemouth are renowned for UK diving, with spectacular scenery, a world-class marine reserve, and some of Scotland’s finest historic wrecks just 20 minutes offshore.

The Highlights

St Abbs and Eyemouth are the rising stars on the UK diving scene, with spectacular scenery, a world-class marine reserve, and some of Scotland’s finest historic wrecks just 20 minutes off shore.

With the SS Glanmire, U-12 and HMS Pathfinder on the doorstep, easy access to the Firth of Forth, Bass Rock and Farne Islands, and some of the best visibility in the UK, DiveStay is the perfect base for exploring the southeast coast of Scotland.

St Abbs Head

The rocks of St. Abbs Head jut out significantly into the North Sea, forming a major obstruction to the tidal flow. Twice a day in both directions, the pent up water pours round the headland. This movement, coupled with the action of the waves and swell when the sea is rough, has over time carved walls, tunnels, gullies and archways that form some of the finest underwater scenery around the British coast.

St Abbs Voluntary Marine Reserve

The Marine Reserve is situated well away from major centres of population and industry and consequently, water quality is improving and the underwater visibility in the area can be excellent. The location and mix of both Atlantic and Arctic currents result in an extremely diverse mixture of underwater species, such as the Bolocera anemone and the Wolf-fish, which are normally only found in the cooler Arctic waters. There are rich kelp forests in the shallows, where you may find sea slugs, Hyroids and Ballan Wrasse, and beyond the kelp forests the rocky areas blaze with colour from the deep mauve lithothamnion algae, white and yellow anemones, red sea squirts, yellow and green sponge and feathery hydroids.

The Trip

Diving is conveniently from a hard boat with lift and toilet, leaving from Eyemouth harbour. £185pp includes 4 boat dives (2 per day) and two nights accommodation on the Friday & Saturday night. The trip is suitable for all levels of divers from open water upwards although prior drysuit and SMB experience is mandatory.

Experience Needed

All dives sites are subject to weather conditions. Adverse weather can affect this trip. Subsequently final dive site selection is at the absolute discretion of the captain.

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