Upgrade to Oxygen Clean (Single Cylinder)

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Upgrade to Oxygen Clean (Single Cylinder)

This is an Upgrade to Oxygen Clean (Single Cylinder) your cylinder when combined with a Visual Test or Hydrostatic Test (the test is charged separately) of a single scuba cylinder. The service will remove contaminants, ie grease or hydrocarbons, that can become the fuel for an oxygen-fed fire.

NOTE: This is the price for the Oxygen Clean Only, the test is not included in this price!

Oxygen, an oxidizing gas, does not burn, but it supports combustion and causes other materials to burn. In the presence of pressurized oxygen concentrations exceeding that in standard air, most materials become progressively more flammable and ignitable as the oxygen concentration and pressure increase. Even materials that would not easily catch fire in standard air under normal atmospheric pressure will ignite and burn furiously in a pressurized oxygen-enriched environment. It cannot be overemphasized that rising pressure increases the risk of ignition.

REMEMBER: This is an additional service that is booked with a Hydro or Visual Test

We offer a full Cylinder Testing Services all completed by our IDEST Technician.

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