Scuba Leeds XTX200/50 Zen Deluxe Package

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Backplate: Aluminium
Backplate Size: Small
Weight Pocket Size: S (Pair - 2kg each)
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Scuba Leeds XTX200/50 Zen Package

This package comes complete with an XDEEP Zen Deluxe Wing System and a complete set of Apeks XTX200 regulators with XTX50 Octo and single pressure gauge. 

Included in this package:

XDEEP NX Zen Deluxe System & Integrated Weights

XDEEP NX Zen wing system, the system that applies advanced technology for a new dimension in recreational sports diving. We dive for different reasons. Whatever inspires us to take to the water, our gear must add to the enjoyment.

Through meticulous design, by applying advanced materials technology and engineering expertise, the XDEEP NX Zen really does make us feel at one with the aquatic world. The XDEEP NX Zen System leads the way in a single tank wing system design. XDEEP's elite NX range of wings have been developed through trial and evolution.

The NX Series Backplate

The Zen is an evolved single tank system with a number of options to cater to each individual divers needs including backplate length. You get to choose from:

  • Small (for divers up to 5′ 7″ / 170 cm)
  • Large (for divers 5′ 7″ / 170 cm and over)

The backplate will come fitted with an adjustable, padded Deluxe Harness, and your choice of Aluminium or Stainless Steel backplate.

The XDEEP Weight Pockets

We have included as standard with this package the XDEEP Weight Pockets which come in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Extra Large.

The Regulators: Apeks XTX200, XTX50, and Single Gauge

The Apeks XTX200 plus XTX50 regulator is ideal for a single tank and stage, twinsets, or sidemounts. This package will drop perfectly into your future equipment configuration. The Apeks XTX200 Regulator Set comes with the highest performing Apeks regulators and a high performance balanced octopus, the XTX50.

The FSR first stage uses an Over-Balanced diaphragm design for high performance and airflow at any depth and cylinder pressure. Four low pressure and two high-pressure ports supply air, configured in easy hose routing positions. A dry Environmental Seal provides coldwater protection to prevent ice crystal forming on the mainspring and critical components that could lead to free flow.

XDEEP Wing Set Up & Configuration Session

This bundle includes an XDEEP Wing Set Up & Configuration session with our technical instructor trainer who has years of experience diving the XDEEP wing systems. The session can be done in person or by video call to ensure your wing system is fully setup and ready for you to get the most from your system.

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