San-O-Sub 232 bar Air Gun Valve


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San-o-Sub 232 bar Air Gun Valve.

This valve can be used to convert a standard SCUBA cylinder with a M25x2 neck thread into a 232 bar air gun cylinder. 

Valve comes complete with gauge and bleed screw.

M25x2 thread will fit most standard SCUBA cylinders. Please note - it is not compatible with G3/4'' BSP or M18x1.5 so please check your cylinder threads before ordering this valve.

The valve has a G5/8 DIN fitting for your DIN air gun adaptor, and also comes with a yoke adaptor insert for yoke air gun adaptors. If not required, this is simple to remove with an 8mm allen key, or we can remove it here if you choose the DIN option.

Please note - valve must be fitted by a qualified technician. 

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