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Pool Session

Scuba Diving, Freediving & Snorkelling Sessions!

Choose your choice of equipment, whether you need to rent a drysuit and whether you want a guided dive with a dive professional (Divemaster or Instructor) to review and practice your skills.

Why book on for a pool session? They are a great way to keep your skills fresh, learn and develop new skills. It is also a good place to practice with that new bit of dive gear you just treated yourself to. Students can attend these pool sessions as part of their PADI Courses, however we also open these pool sessions up to our customers too.

We are the only scuba diving centre that has a 1.5-hour dive every week at the John Charles Centre for Sports Aquatic Centre. This sports facility was used by the national teams at the Olympic Games for training. The pool is one of only 4 of its kind in the UK and offers incredible visibility and depth for our divers.

Our pool sessions run every Thursday evening with access to the water 8.30pm-10pm. 

After booking, please email our team at to confirm which date you would like to attend. 

The pool is 5.5m deep and around measures roughly 20m x 20m. This means there is plenty of space for lots of divers.

John Charles Centre for Sports
Aquatics Centre
Middleton Grove
Leeds LS11 5DJ

The pool is great place to practice skills and try out new gear. However it is also the ideal place to try our new experience programs designed to whet your appetite. 


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