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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Exploration, Excitement, Experiences. They're what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. This course specifically targets Open Water divers who want to progress. Many of our divers choose to move onto the Advanced Open Water straight after their Open Water Diver course. The course takes you on deep and underwater navigation dives. You will also complete three more dives to develop your skills.

Why should I do this course?

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is a great way to expand your diving horizons, with a choice of 5 adventure dives that allows you to tailor the course to your own interests. These dives develop your abilities by introducing you to a number of exciting different diving experiences. You will have loads of fun underwater learning new skills which will be used during many of your future dives.

Each of the Adventure dives completed during the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program can be counted as the first dive of each corresponding PADI Specialty. For example, if you choose to complete the PADI Drysuit Adventure dive during the course, you will only need to complete one more training dive to have earned yourself the PADI Drysuit Specialty Certification.

What will I do?

To certify as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete five Adventure Dives including Deep and Underwater Navigation. You will also need to complete five Knowledge Reviews for the completed Adventure Dives.

Knowledge Development

Your course will include self-study knowledge development in your own time. The PADI Adventures in Diving manual has more than just the five dives you will complete, including the required Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives. You can learn about Boat, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist and Wreck diving too. You study at your own pace before you complete your dives.

Confined Water Dives

To ensure that you are ready for the course, we will assess your dive knowledge and in-water skills. This skills evaluation will be completed at our 5.5m deep diving pool before your open water dives. Your Instructor will review familiarity with dive equipment such as being able to easily access and understand instrument readings (SPG, dive computer), hand signals and underwater communication. The skills reviewed will include a minimum of buoyancy control, low air/out of air drills and mask clearing. It is also an opportunity for you to cover any skills which may have become rusty since your last dive.

Open Water Dives

During the Deep Adventure Dive, you learn how to plan dives to deal with the physiological effects and challenges of deeper scuba diving. The Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive refines your compass navigation skills and helps you better navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time.

Every Adventure dive completed during the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course counts as the first dive of the corresponding Specialty Diver Courses. For example, if you complete the PADI Drysuit Adventure dive during the course, you will only need to complete one more training dive to have earned yourself the PADI Drysuit Specialty Certification. It's that easy! You can try your hand at digital underwater photography, wreck diving, diving with underwater scooters, peak performance buoyancy and much more.

What scuba gear will I use?

You use all the basic scuba gear including your underwater compass. You may use cameras, a torch, a drysuit, lift bags, an SMB or other specialty gear.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

To enrol on the course, you must be 12 years or older with an Open Water (or equivalent) certification. Young divers may only participate in certain Adventures Dives, please contact us at Scuba Leeds for more information. You will also be required to complete the PADI Continuing Education Administrative Document and the 2022 Medical Statement before starting your course. If you answer YES to any of the questions on the PADI Medical Statement, you will need to get a medical physician to sign a separate form to confirm fitness to dive prior to any in-water activities.

NOTE: You will not be able to participate in any pool or open water sessions without confirming your fitness to dive. 

What are the Course Options?

Upgrade from eLearning: This option is only aimed at students who have already completed the eLearning part separately and now wish to upgrade to the practical steps of the course. If you have not previously completed the PADI eLearning for the Open Water Diver course, please select the “Full Course” option. 

Basic AOW: With this course option you will receive the full PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

Standard AOW: With this course option you will receive the full PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, as well as the PADI Drysuit Course. The PADI Drysuit course shows proof of drysuit qualification, which you will need if you ever plan on hiring a drysuit in the future. Normally £150, but discounted to £125 when booked with the Advanced Open Water Diver course as part of our "Standard" package.

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