Otter Ultralite Telescopic Drysuit


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Otter Ultralite Telescopic Drysuit

The new Otter Ultralite Telescopic Drysuit has taken all the design features that make the Otter Britannic Technical Mk2 Drysuit such a great drysuit design. Furthermore this suit is constructed from a super tough, but flexible, rip skin material now as standard.

Standard Features

The Otter Ultralite Telescopic Drysuit comes with the following features as standard:

  • Otter Neoprene Neck Warmer as standard
  • New design telescopic body and adjustable crotch strap
  • Bigger double knee pads
  • Dry socks and rock boots as standard (or any style Otter drysuit boots)

Your Suit, Your Way

When you purchase this suit we offer you the following options to customise your suit, just how you need it for your diving style. These include:

  • Suit bag zipped changing mat style
  • Dry style 5mm separate neoprene hood
  • Drysuit low pressure inflator hose
  • Si Tech or Apeks inflate and deflate valves
  • Multiple styles of thigh pockets to choose from
  • Your choice of shoulder dump valves: Standard position or DIR position

Optional Upgrades

The following items are commonly added to the Otter Ultralite Telescopic or the Otter Britannic Technical Mk2 Drysuit as optional extras:

  • Kubi Dry Glove System
  • Balanced Pee Valve System
  • Quick Replacement Silicone Neck & Wrist Seals


Don't forget to check out our Ultimate Guide to Drysuit Care and Maintenance in 2020.

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