Otter Britannic Superskin Drysuit


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Otter Britannic Superskin Drysuit

Britannic Technical Superskin suits have been developed in conjunction with some of the top technical divers and instructors to be one of the safest and driest membrane dry suits available. The success of the Britannic Expedition 1997 led to the development of this, the top membrane diving suit in the world. Designed for today's world of deep technical diving. This suit is at home at any depth and is suitable for both technical divers and keen wreck divers alike or for just pottering around in a river or a pond.

It includes hose, hood and valves as part of the suit.


  • Double Taped Seams 20/40mm Tape Width
  • Double Sewn Seams
  • Double Hand Glued Seams
  • Skin Material in Black, Blue or Orange
  • Heavy Duty Latex Wrist and Neck
  • Double Knee Pads
  • Heavy Duty Neoprene Lined Boots
  • Front Zip with Outer Zipped Cover 1 Cargo
  • 1 Zipped Pocket
  • 2 Arm Reflectors
  • Apex Valves or Si-Tech (Cuff and Auto Dump)
  • Internal Braces
  • Dry-style Hood with Reflector


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