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Otter Atlantic Drysuit

The new Otter Atlantic Drysuit was launched in November 2018 and has set a new standard in exploration grade drysuits. Otter have taken a step forward in drysuit construction with this new suit. With over 30 years experience in making drysuits they are still leading the way.

The Otter Britannic and more recently Otter Ultralite were seen as a bench mark for exploration drysuits. Until now. The Otter Atlantic features a seamless underarm pattern offering technical divers increased flexibility for valve drills, such as shut downs. The suit features telescopic body and front entry zip which technical divers have come to expect as standard. The combination of a front zip, telescopic body and crotch strap makes for easy entry/exit of the suit. The strong internal braces keep the crotch in the correct position, essential with a telescopic suit.

Otter has always come us with innovative ways to improve even the simplest of aspects of their suit. The suit comes with large velcro pockets which feature drain holes, an internal slate pocket and internal pocket bungees. A nice addition to all their pockets is the sewn in 8mm bungee on the pocket flap allowing better gripping of the pocket when wearing thick gloves.

The suit also offers the diver a new style turbo boot which is a softer design than standard rubber boots and features an ankle strap to help curb air flow to the feet. The Otter Atlantic has the latest Trilaminate material increasing comfort before, during and after your dive.

If you are looking to upgrade your drysuit this year, then take a long hard look at the features that come as standard on this suit. At the same price as its predecessor this is one suit that must be on your list.

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