Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife

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Blade Type: Blunt Tip
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Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife

Small but mighty. The Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife features the time-tested patented “squeeze-lock" design, which allows the user to easily remove and secure the knife into the sheath, every time. This tiny knife can be mounted to your Aqua Lung buoyancy compensator pocket with the mounting hardware, to the chest strap, the shoulder straps or to a wrist computer strap for ultimate quick response and convenience.

5.1cm (2 in.) blade, 9.5cm (3 in.) overall length, 18.4cm (7 in.) including the handle extension webbing 304 stainless steel. Patented Locking mechanism securely locks knife in sheath, but releases easily with a squeeze of the handle. Nylon with fiberglass fill handle and sheath for superior impact and abrasion resistance.

The Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife comes with variable mounting options, including moulded belt clip and buoyancy compensator pocket mounting hardware.

Check out our full selection of knives here! Or click here for our full range of Aqua Lung products.

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