MGE Ratchet Divers Reel


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MGE Ratchet Divers Reel

The MGE Ratchet Divers Reel has a clever but simple rotating control mechanism that allows a left or right-handed user to easily switch between the 4 multi-function modes:

MGE Ratchet Divers Reel Modes

  • Clockwise ratchet.
  • Anti-clockwise ratchet.
  • Free flow mode is used for deploying SMBs.
  • Full-lock mode to provide tension for safety or decompression stops.

What's more, the centrally located control mechanism is
designed for use with either hand, making this model
more versatile than thumb trigger designs. Once you've tried the MGE Ratchet Reel you'll wonder how you ever dived without it!

MGE Ratchet Divers Reel Features

  • Easy to use, lightweight, and compact.
  • Suitable for all types of diving.
  • Left or right-handed use without modification.
  • 50 metres of white line and SMB Clip.
  • 2mm polyester line with a 90kg Breaking Strain.
  • The Reel is Self-lubricating.

The MGE Reels are fully serviceable, lightweight, and compact reels. This is great for new divers looking to develop their comfort with SMB deployment and safety stops.


If this is not the ratchet reel you are looking for, check out our other Ratchet Reels. Alternatively, we also have a full range of Reels & Spools.

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