McNett Pro Talc (100g)

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McNett Pro Talc (100g)

The McNett Pro Talc (100g) is ideal for all types of latex or silicone seals whether they are fitted to diving or surface drysuits. Pro Talc helps to keep latex seals soft and supple while in storage and provides a barrier to harmful airborne chemicals that can cause seals to rot. A light dusting on seals also provides easy entry to suit without putting undue stress onto the seals or seams.  

Also used for dusting Aquasure repairs and helps preserve latex and rubber seals during prolonged storage. Eases entry into water sports suits, absorbs moisture, and helps prevent chafing. Ideal for wet suit & dry suit seals, dry suit tops & bottoms, latex boots, and gloves. A light dusting will also help to ease neck and drysuit seals. It helps preserve latex and rubber seals. A light, unperfumed talc made from the finest ground unscented high-quality French chalk.

  • Ideal for travel 100 g
  • Clean and dry surfaces before application.
  • To assist suit entry, apply onto neck and wrist seals.
  • Apply to dry seals after use and before storage.


For repairs, ensure the adhesive is fully cured before application. Store container in a dry place. McNett Pro Talc comes in a handy 100-gram container that is fitted with a self-seal lid.

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