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Malta: Wreck Diving

Scuba Leeds are off to Malta and we want you to join us for a week of wrecks and reefs in the sun. We will be diving with our sister companies DiveWise & TechWise. The trip allows time for you to complete a 10 dive package over 7 days.

Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean (in its eastern basin), around 50 miles south of of Sicily. Only the three largest islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, are inhabited. The islands of the archipelago lie on the Malta plateau, a shallow shelf formed from the high points of a land bridge between Sicily and North Africa that became isolated as sea levels rose after the last Ice Age.

Malta is famous for its history but no other activity is like Scuba Diving – it will allow you to explore historic sites and observe the diverse marine life Malta has to offer. This world is right here, just waiting for you to take the plunge..

The Diving

Alongside a number of purposely sunk wrecks dating back over 10 years, there are also a number of historic shipwrecks and aircraft at both recreational and technical depths. Malta and Gozo’s geology has created some beautiful natural features above and below the water, with famous dive sites such the Blue Hole and the area where the Azure Window once stood, as well as beautiful underwater caverns such as the Santa Marija Caves. For the underwater photography fanatics, all these dive sites are home to a range of wildlife both big and macro.

Some of the dive site we may visit during this trip include the wreck of the Um el Faroud Wreck, the Blue Hole at Gozo, the Inland Sea at Gozo, the wreck of the P29, the Arch at Cirkewwa, the wreck of the Rozi, the wreck of the Bristol Beaufighter or the Santa Marija Caves.

Wreck: Um el Faroud

Three and a half years after an explosion in Grand Harbour, Valletta the ill fated tanker was scuttled on 2nd September 1998. She is upright in around 35m of water and is roughly 110m long and 16m wide with the prop and rudder still in place. After a bad storm in winter 2005/6 the ship has now broken in two so that the the right of the rear section aligns with the left of the front section.

Wreck: The P29

The wreck of the P29 was scuttled on the 14th August 2007, just off Cirkewwa reef, intentionally for divers. Even though this wreck has only been underwater a relatively short amount of time, the marine life is starting to build and big schools of fish and marine life are starting to make this wreck their new home.

Wreck: Bristol Beaufighter

Lying at 42m, This is just about possible for deep divers. With Technical courses by Techwise, you can afford to stay a little bit longer of this amazing WWII bomber carcas. Still in great shape, preserved by the fact that the depth keeps many divers away from the wreck.

Wreck: HMS Stubborn

The HMS Stubborn was a British s-class submarine commissioned in February 1943. Most of its lifespan was spent in the North Atlantic, but in 1945 it was moved to the Mediterranean. In 1946 the Stubborn was scuttled to be used as a sonar target. To reach the HMS Stubborn you need to dive from a boat. It makes an excellent dive, but is only a possibility for experienced divers due to the depth at which it lies.

Experience Needed

This trip is ideal for any level of diver, however certain sites require certification beyond entry level. We recommend PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) to get the most out of this trip. However if you do not hold this qualification we will be able to complete this training with you on the trip.

The dive sites will be accessed by a either shore dive or hard boat dive, depending on weather conditions and dive site location,

All dives sites are subject to weather conditions. Adverse weather can affect this route which includes several overnight sailings. Subsequently final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the dive centre or skipper.

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