Luxfer Ali 80 Cylinder


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Luxfer Ali 80 Cylinder

Luxfer Ali 80 Cylinder (11.1 litre) is the most versatile cylinder when it comes to sidemount, stage and decompression bottles. They are the perfect size to carry any gas required, from a deep trimix to pure oxygen. The aluminium construction allows for great weight characteristics in water, when full a Luxfer Ali 80 cylinder is only around 1kg negative, neutral around 130 bar and becomes around 1kg positive when empty. Ali 80 stage cylinders are available in either white or silver and include a mono cylinder valve that is smooth in operation. We recommend this size cylinder to anyone is looking to do diving that requires multiple bottles as an ali 80 will always be useful.

Luxfer Ali 80 stage cylinder features:

  • Rated to a working pressure of 207 bar
  • Standard valve included
  • Weighs around 16kg empty, with a valve in air


Please note: The UK distributor of Luxfer Ali 80 cylinders ran out of stock in May 2020. We have been advised by Luxfer America that they will not be shipping any more of these sized cylinders until the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. We would strongly recommend you check out the MES Ali 80 option instead.

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