LUUSAC Reveal X1 & Phazer Bundle

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Colour: White/Yellow
Fin-size: XL
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LUUSAC Reveal X1 & Phazer Bundle

This bundle is for LUUSAC Members only and includes an Aqua Lung Phazer spring strap fin and Aqua Lung Reveal X1 Mask.

LUUSAC Reveal X1 LUUSAC Reveal & Phazer Bundle& Phazer Bundle

Choose any pair of Phazer fins and any Reveal X1 mask for just £85, saving £67! The Phazer fin provides the perfect balance for divers to produce powerful kicks with easy but energy maximizing movements. Meanwhile, the Reveal is a premium mask that delivers ultra-comfort and a perfect fit thanks to a super-soft, ergonomic seal.

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