Lumb Bros Flip-up Wrist Slate


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Lumb Bros Flip-up Wrist Slate


Highly Functional

The Lumb Bros Flip-up Wrist Slate is held securely in its place with the aid of a velcro closing strap. This strap does not allow the slate to move from its place while you are looking at the pre-dive notes or making plans. This Lumb Bros Flip Up Wrist Slate gives you five writing surfaces which you can quickly flip between.

Useful in nature

The slate carries a pencil so that you can easily make your notes. Designed from top quality material, this flip-up wrist slate is light weight and durable.

  • Held securely in place by strong Velcro strap 3 flip up pages
  • Offers 5 writing surfaces
  • Perfect for instructors or divers that need to write a lot
  • Heavy duty plastic wrist slate with 2 flip-over pages & attachment strap & pencil

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