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Leak Insure Introduce Ultra Absorbent Strips for GoPro® and other Underwater Sports Cameras

Leak Insure absorbent GoStrips have been designed to absorb leaks in GoPro® and other Underwater Sports Cameras. The small lightweight strips contain fast acting highly absorbent granules that can absorb 400 times their own weight in water.

When placed in your GoPro housing before a dive, Leak Insure GoStrips can buy valuable time to get to the surface and save your camera if it starts to leak. Each GoStrip is 42x29mm and as thick as paper yet it will easily absorb up to 15ml of sea water.

Not only do they absorb water from leaks but they also absorb moisture from the air in your camera housing. This stops condensation forming on the walls of the housing and more importantly on the camera, lens and housing port. Leak Insure GoStrips can be re-used if they are dry after the dive.

To help divers see if their cameras are leaking, GoStrips now use indicator inks that start to run instantly when they get wet. This can be seen through most underwater camera housings.

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