Kwark Pulse Wrist Warmers


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Kwark Pulse Wrist Warmers

The Kwark Pulse Wrist Warmers are a new addition to the Kwark range. As you would expect from Kwark their primary concern is the quality of material, the Pulse Wrist Warmer is no exception.

The Kwark Pulse is so named as the wrist warmer covers the area of the forearm where the pulse is found. This is one of the key areas of the body where the arteries and veins are close to the surface. The closer these are to the surface, the more susceptible they are to temperature changes. During colder or longer duration dives, the body cools and this is the area specifically affected.

The Unique Length Of The Kwark Pulse

Kwark has gone outside the box with the Kwark Pulse wrist warmer. They have doubled the length of the product compared with many other wrist warmers. This not only keeps the wrist but the bottom of the forearm and the palm of the hand warm at the same time.

Kwark Pulse Wrist Warmer Sizes

  • Small / Medium (generally fit ladies)
  • Large / Extra Large (most common size)

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