Kwark Navy Undersuit Women's

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Kwark Navy Undersuit Women's

The Kwark Navy Undersuit Womens version has been specifically designed and tailored to a ladies shape for use with trilaminate drysuits. It is ideal for very cold waters such as those in the UK in winter and spring. The material was produced on special order from the U.S. Army Special Forces Divers, in order to meet all the required parameters for long-diving in cold waters. Thermally the Kwark Navy undersuit is equivalent to traditional warmers based on Thinsulate weighing about 400g/m. However the Kwark Navy Undersuit has many advantages, about which users of such conventional warmers can only dream of.

Kwark Navy's Flexibility

Power Stretch clothes should be closely-fitted but without squeezing the body. It is a very flexible fabric so do not compare your body size or other clothing with flatly laid Power Stretch clothes. The dimensions will not be the same. Please trust our experience in this matter. We have been working with such flexible fabrics (like Power Stretch) for many years and we have already dressed thousands of users.

Why Dive The Kwark Undersuit

The primary advantage of the Kwark Navy Undersuit Womens version is its flexibility. This is not a medieval knight armour with which thick warmers are associated with. It is very comfortable and gives you a full range of motion. It's easy to put on a dry suit on it, Kwark Navy Tech Vest doesn't roll up. It provides very good air flow. It is very light, weighing less than 1.5 kg. Compared to conventional warmers, it allows reduce the ballast of at least 2 kg. The Navy Undersuit maintains great thermal comfort even when wet. Perfectly wicks sweat away from the body. It is very well impregnated anti-bacterially and does not smell. Dries up in a few hours (after complete flooding or washing). There is no limit to number of washing, it can be spin-dried. Tailor-made durable flat seams provide comfort. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. It does scrub or irritate the skin.

Kwark Navy Undersuit Womens Sizing Guide:

The beauty of the Kwark Navy Undersuit is that the cut is designed for ladies of more feminine shape. We would recommend to choose the specially designed women's clothes and women's chart. The models for hourglass shaped women (Marilyn Monroe's shape) are marked with MM*. For them, the line marked as chest MM applies.

To distinguish women's sizes from unisex clothing, women's sizes are labelled as fashion numbers: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46.

The unisex and women's size charts differ not only in hips, chest and waist proportions. If you look carefully at the different dimensions, you will notice that the height in larger women's sizes is lower than in the corresponding unisex chart. In small sizes the difference between the charts is less noticeable. However, the contrast becomes much more significant in larger sizes.

Measure Accurately

It is worth to take time and accurately measure yourself in order to find the right size. Kwark clothes last many years so it is important that they are well-fitted. Good fit is crucial in case of the Power Stretch clothes, especially if you want to take full advantage of the fabric properties.

The dimensions given in the table represent body measurements, not clothing. It is important to accurately measure the body. In order to do it well, please use the silhouette forms here:

Kwark Ladies Measuring Guide

The Scuba Leeds Team & Kwark Navy

The Scuba Leeds team have been using the Kwark Navy Undersuit, Kwark Navy Tech Vest and Kwark Navy Socks and have found them to offer superior warmth and flexibility. Many of the team commented that they were surprised how much warmer they were than with their previous undersuits. Indeed we also noticed that due to the material composition they were all able to reduce the amount of weight they used and had no issues with the undersuit getting caught in the dump valve, allowing fast dumping of gas from their drysuit.

If you suffer from the cold in the winter and want to ensure the absolute best that is now available on the market, check out the Kwark Navy Extreme Undersuit for double layered Kwark warmth without double the lead! This product now ships without pockets, however these can now be arranged at an additional cost.

Big Thumbs Up from the Scuba Leeds Team.

PLEASE NOTE: The Kwark Navy undersuits are made-to-order, so delivery time is usually expected to be around 4-6 weeks.

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