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Kwark Navy Extreme Undersuit Men's 

The Kwark Navy Extreme Undersuit Men's was designed following the success of the Kwark Navy Undersuit. Kwark took their successful Navy undersuit and used the same principles from the Kwark Tech Shirt and Kwark Tech Leggings of dual layering.

Kwark Navy Extreme Layering

The Kwark Extreme takes the success of the Tech series by adding a dual-layer on core areas of the body. When a diver is in proper trim in the water (flat with arms in front and knees bent) the air migrates away from the front of the diver on the lower area of the arm, the chest and abdomen, and thigh area. This causes these parts of the body to suffer from quicker cooling than other parts of the body. These areas are protected in this undersuit by a double layer of Kwark's material ensuring the highest level of protection for the areas prone to less air protection. The double-layer allows more air to be trapped between the layers of the material. More layers of air between your skin and the water equal more thermal protection.

One-Piece Design

This suit is designed to be a one-piece suit to ensure that the body is fully protected at all times under the drysuit. The two-piece undersuits have been very popular over the last 10/15 years, however, in the colder conditions this one-piece design is a must.

Pee Valve Slots

Both men and women who are conducting longer and longer dives are choosing pee valve systems. The Kwark Extreme comes with two slots both left and right for the urine tube to feed through. This means you won't need to cut a hole in your toasty warm undersuit. The good people at Kwark have already thought of this. Check out our blog post about Pee Valves.

Zipped Pockets

The Kwark Navy Extreme features three zipped pockets as standard. One on the left chest and one on each side of the waist. This is perfect (and incredibly useful) during the surface intervals on dives to put keys or wallets in. Please note that these zips are not waterproof and if your drysuit does leak, the pockets will not keep the contents dry. You have been warned haha.

Base Layers

As with any Extreme style undersuit, we would strongly recommend the addition of a base layer under your Kwark Tech Shirt, Kwark Navy or Kwark Navy Extreme undersuit. The reason for this is that any base layer adds additional layering and air trapping. Base layers can be easily washed and dried quickly between diving days if required to keep your gear as fresh as possible.

Kwark Sizing Guide

Below we provide size guides used at Kwark. In our chart, unisex sizes are described as XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. 

However, for ladies of more feminine shapes, we would recommend choosing the specially designed women’s clothes and women’s chart. The models for hourglass shaped women (Marilyn Monroe’s shape) are marked with MM*. For them, the line marked as ‘chest MM*’ applies.

To distinguish women’s sizes from unisex clothing, women’s sizes are labeled as fashion numbers: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46.

The unisex and women’s size charts differ not only in hips, chest, and waist proportions. If you look carefully at the different dimensions, you will notice that the height in larger women’s sizes is lower than in the corresponding unisex chart. In small sizes, the difference between the charts is less noticeable. However, the contrast becomes much more significant in larger sizes.

It is worth to take time and accurately measure yourself in order to find the right size. Kwark’s clothes last many years so it is important that they are well-fitted. A good fit is crucial in the case of the Power Stretch clothes, especially if you want to take full advantage of the fabric properties.

Power Stretch clothes should be closely-fitted but without squeezing the body. It is a very flexible fabric so do not compare your body size or other clothing with flatly laid Power Stretch clothes. The dimensions will not be the same. Please trust our experience in this matter. We have been working with such flexible fabrics (like Power Stretch) for many years and we have already dressed thousands of users.


Please note that these undersuits are made-to-order, so delivery is expected to take 4-6 weeks.

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