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Kwark Gloves

The Kwark Gloves are exceptionally warm gloves (also known as dry glove liners) designed to be worn under a dry glove system. As with every product designed by Kwark, they have designed this glove with diver usability in mind. 

Kwark Gloves Offer Great Dexterity

Kwark understands that as a diver you value precision and manual dexterity when scuba diving. The unique Power Stretch Pro material offers you just that while keeping your fingers and hands warm.

Kwark Dry Glove Liner Thermal Protection

The Kwark Gloves are a great solution for your dry glove system when warmth is most important. They are really flexible with very little loss of dexterity for important skills such as valve drills or clipping and unclipping of bolt snaps.

One useful, but often overlooked characteristic of the Kwark dry glove liner is the consistency of thermal protection even if you suffer a leak in your external dry glove.

The Kwark Glove offers a reduced wrist section making the fit ideal when wearing with your dry glove systems. These are a great addition to the Kwark Navy Undersuit

Kwark Glove Sizes:

The Kwark Gloves come in simple to understand sizes:

  • Size 6.5 = 6.5 inch hand circumference
  • Size 7  =  7 inch hand circumference
  • Size 8  =  8 inch hand circumference
  • Size 9  =  9 inch hand circumference
  • Size 9.5  =  9.5 inch hand circumference
  • Size 10  =  10 inch hand circumference

How To Choose Your Kwark Glove Size

 Not sure these are the right product for you, then check out our full range of Scuba Diving Gloves.


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