KUBI Textured Heavyweight Gloves with O-Rings


Size: S (8)
Side Fixing O-rings: 80mm Glove
1 Price:


KUBI Textured Heavyweight Gloves

The KUBI Textured Heavyweight Gloves are an option or replacement for your gloves as part of your KUBI Dry-Glove System. A very popular glove for cave & wreck divers, with a textured finish.

If using with either KUBI 80 or 90mm Systems, we would recommend changing the Fixing o-Ring to the sizes listed, from the size supplied with the Standard Latex Gloves. They come in pairs - 80mm are 64.3 x 5.7mm and 90mm are 74.1 x 5.8mm.

KUBI Textured Heavyweight Gloves Features

  • Black 100% Latex Glove
  • Textured Finish
  • Length: 320mm


Not sure if this is the right product for you? Check out our full range of KUBI products here.

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