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PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Just as scuba divers look up to Divemasters, instructor candidates really respect IDC Staff Instructors. As the name implies, IDC Staff Instructors assist with training. They also share their wisdom and experience with new leaders.

Taking the IDC Staff Instructor course provides you with in-depth knowledge of the instructor development process. It also prepares you to shape the next generation of PADI Professionals. Additionally, it's a great career move.

What will I do?

After a preassessment of your instructor-level knowledge, skills, and techniques, you'll participate in these sessions:

  • Instructor development standards, procedures, and curriculum
  • How to organize and conduct the PADI Assistant Instructor course
  • The psychology of evaluation and counseling
  • Evaluating knowledge development, confined water, and open water teaching presentations

Plus, you'll get to audit an IDC or practice teaching many curriculum components.

As an IDC Staff Instructor, you can independently teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses. You can also assist with IDCs and other instructor-level continuing education courses.

What scuba gear will I use?

You use all the basic scuba equipment. You may also use scuba accessories such as a dive slate, dive knife, compass, and dive watch.

It is highly recommended that you own all of your own scuba equipment. This is because familiarity with personal gear improves general scuba diving skills.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers (MSDTs) who are ready to be excellent role models and agree to use the PADI System in its entirety may enrol in an IDC Staff Instructor course.

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