Nautilus HP Hose 20cm (8 inch)

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Nautilus HP Hose 20cm (8 inch)

The Nautilus HP Hose 20cm (8 inch) is one of two hose lengths used for stage cylinders or sidemount cylinders (the other being the 15cm HP Hose). The additional 5cm (2 inch) on this hose benefits sidemount divers by allowing that extra length when locating the gauge. This rubber hose is designed to be used with your pressure gauge on the scuba regulator.

The fittings on both ends of the hose are the industry standard 7/16" UNF threads found on your SPG or dive computers air integrated transmitter. The male end of the hose screws directly into your scuba regulator 1st stage and your gauge or transmitter fits on the female end with the addition of a high-pressure swivel pin (not included) which is generally supplied with your SPG/contents gauge.

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