Gear Keeper Retractor 9oz / 30''


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The Gear Keeper 9oz Retractor is a light, spring-loaded line to keep items close to your body. One end has a quick-release split ring for attaching to your dive gear, the other end features a snap clip mount and a threaded stud mount giving you multiple options for attachment to your BCD. with 9oz retraction strength, this stronger retractor can also be used for medium items like torches, computers, and compasses. The retractor holds them close to your body but you can pull them away to use them. Once you're done, let go and the spring pulls them back.


  • 30 Inch Reach
  • 27kg / 60lb Breaking strength
  • 9oz retraction strength
  • QR Split Ring End
  • Spectra/Nylon Line
  • RT2-0040

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