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Each pack comes with 2 lens for applying to the inside of your mask. 

The lens have been given an anti-condensation treatment. This means it is not necessary to spit inside your mask or use a de-fogger before each dive. The special adhesive layer which the lens is placed onto the glass of your diving mask (similar to applying a phone screen protection cover), and is pretty much invisible during the dive. 

Available in:

Mono - for 1 window masks

Large - for 2 window masks

Medium - for 2 window masks

Full installation instructions and how to care for the lens are included. 

We think this is also the perfect solution for a spare mask which may be needed while on a dive, and applying de-fogger isn't an option. 

Not suitable for prescription lens

Unsure which size to choose? Email our dive team at with the size of your mask lens and we can advise

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